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Maplegreen - A possible suspect

Ship Type: Freighter
Lifespan: Built ????, Scuttled 1929
Length: 200ft
Depths: 60ft
Location: Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada
GPS to be confirmed

(Re)? Located by charter operators out of Collins Bay this scuttled steamer was most likely from the clean up of either Kingston harbour or Portsmouth harbour during the 1920's or 1930's. They nicknamed her the Empress, although to date her exact identity has not been determined. On possibility is that she is the Maplegreen, a Canada Steamship lines vessel whose final resting place is unknown. The size and other construction details match, but this alone is not conclusive.

This wreck lies in 60ft of water and has a lot to offer, a large propeller, boiler and lots of structural members (known as knees) still intact.. A large rudder is also present at the stern. With lots of fish this will be a great dive for the beginners both in the day and also as a first night dive.

As of October 2009 there was no mooring installed, so use a marker line and anchor off the wreck.

large boiler

Schooling Perch

Ken inspecting the Propeller


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